A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas

A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas
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Label: Integrity Music

Included Tracks: It's Christmas Once Again, Christmas Day, Christmas Joy, Emmanuel, I Believe, Would It Still Be Christmas, The King Has Come, Mary's Song, Sing Hallelujah, Worship The King, His Love Is All I See, Amazing Love

Release Year: 10/5/2010

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

The award-winning choir shares the wonder of Jesus’ birth in 12 new songs for the season written by Carol Cymbala and the Brooklyn Tabernacle team! Includes “Christmas Bells,” “Emmanuel,” “I Believe,” “Would It Still Be Christmas,” “The King Has Come,” “Mary’s Song,” “His Love Is All I See,” “It’s Christmas Once Again,” “The Music Box,” “Sing Hallelujah,” and “Amazing Love.”


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