Days of Grace

Days of Grace
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Label: Word Records

Included Tracks: Love All Around The World, Thankful, All You Need To Know, Days Of Grace, You'll Get Through This, Joy, All The World To Me, Love The Lord, I Promise You, What Would I Be

Release Year: 12/18/2007

Days of Grace, the sophomore album from Greg Long, is one of the singer/songwriter’s strongest efforts. The 1995 Myrrh Records release combines CCM and Christian adult contemporary styles with Long’s distinctive, and at times vulnerable, vocals. Produced by John and Dino Elefante, Days of Grace is primarily an album of encouragement. “You’ll Get Through This” offers hope in painful experiences, while “Joy,” with a pulsing beat and downplayed musical arrangement, speaks of joy even in the midst of life’s valleys. Also included is “I Promise You,” a song of devotion in marriage


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