Aim High

Aim High
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Made popular by Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle

Label: Rural Rhythm Records

Included Tracks: Aim High, Deceitful Kind, Love Brings You Home, A Man Of Your Word, Go Ahead and Tell Me What To Do, Not Now, Mountain Swing, Living, Good Road, Closer to the Shore, Common Man's Train of Thought, Short Life Full of Trouble

Release Year: 7/8/2016

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle has been very busy since the launch of their self-titled debut album a little more than a year ago. The group received standing ovations for both their IBMA and SPBGMA Official Showcase performances and has charted five songs on the Bluegrass and Gospel charts including several Number 1 s from their debut album.

Now a new chapter in the fast moving story of Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle begins with the first single Aim High from their second album title Aim High. Aim High , an absolute barnburner was written by award winners Jon Weisberger and Mark Simos and captures the Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle signature sound.

AIM HIGH features three Gulley co-written songs including two with his award winning co-songwriter Tim Stafford; Deceitful Kind , Love Brings You Home and Short Life Full Of Trouble co-written with Larry Shell and Kim Williams. In addition, Carl Jackson co-wrote three songs for the new album, in addition to great songwriters such as Larry Cordle, Jim Rushing, Sonya Isaacs, Becky Buller, Keith Sewell and more.
“With the success of our debut project, the guys and I knew the expectations would be even higher for our sophomore recording. With that in mind, we went about the business of writing and finding the very best songs we could with an even stronger intensity. We hand – picked songs from within the band and from some of the greatest songwriters our music has to offer. That being said, I couldn’t be happier with the new music we’ve created on “Aim High”. I am so proud of our debut album and see it as laying the foundation for our music and sound but, as is always the case, once you have a strong foundation; it’s time to start building on that. I really feel like we’ve done that with the new recording, while staying true to our band’s original sound. I’m so excited to share this, the next chapter, with everyone.” – Steve Gulley
Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle includes Steve Gulley (guitar, vocals) and Bryan Turner (bass, vocals), Gary Robinson, Jr. (mandolin), Matthew Cruby (banjo, vocals) and special guest Tim Crouch (Fiddle). AIM HIGH builds on the band s family heritage of strong roots in Bluegrass and Mountain Gospel and at the same time provides a new and fresh sound that further accents the STEVE GULLEY And NEW PINNACLE signature sound.


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