All I Ask

All I Ask
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Label: Martinusen Records

Included Tracks: All I Ask, Amazin' Grace, In Your Heart, When I See Your Grace, The Storybook, A Treasure, One Nation Under God, One Song, Little Baby, That's Not Me, One More Day, The Midnight Call

Release Year: 1/28/2003

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Daniel James’ album “All I Ask” holds 12 of his inspiring original songs. He has a passion for reaching the lost, encouraging believers and is effectively impacting the world with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

His main objective is to build faith, hope and love into the listener’s hearts.

“I was raised by a single mom with seven children in the small western town of Cottonwood, CA,” says Daniel, “I was a lonely child longing for love, and I found it in my loving Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, my Savior.”

From Daniel: About “All I Ask”
God wants to bless us with good things. When our heart is to bring Him glory, He sees and knows and responds as any loving father would, only better beyond comparison. Jesus went to extreme measures to prove His love for us, even to death upon a cross! How much more will He give us good things when we ask with right motives—so that we may bring Him glory with our lives! Many great men and women of God have done great things because their hearts were set to bring God glory. Every one of us has that same ability. “All I Ask” is a prayer song that I wrote to bring God glory with my life. It is the first song I released nationally to Christian Country radio and it charted in US and international Top 100 Christian charts. I pray that it will inspire others to bring God glory.


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