The Road With No End

The Road With No End
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Label: LRB Records

Included Tracks: Lonesome Won't Get The Best Of Me, Won't Be Over You, What I'd Give To Be The Wind, You Can't Break My Heart, Whoop And Ride, Hereafter, Brother To The Blues, A Step Away, New Love, She's No Lady, Prisoners Lament, Stranger In You Eyes, Hillbilly Catfight

Release Year: 10/1/2006

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

The new CD from the reconfigured LRB, featuring Sammy Shelor on banjo and Jeff Parker on mandolin/vocals, with new members Barry Berrier on bass/vocal and Shannon Slaughter on guitar/vocal. The band returns to the aggressive, “in your face” sound that chacterized their earlier releases, and features perhaps the best harmony blend since the group’s inception. Ron Stewart guests on fiddle as does Matt Leadbetter on resophonic guitar.


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