Silver Screen Classics

Silver Screen Classics
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Style: Easy Listening CDs

Label: Spring Hill

Included Tracks: A Time For Us, The Way We Were, Speak Softly, Love, Edelwiess, The Shadow Of Your Smile, (An Affair To Remember) Our Love Affair, Over The Rainbow, The Sound Of Music, When You Wish Upon A Star, Somewhere My Love, Moon River, As Time Goes By

Release Year: 1/15/1997

Taking a different twist on the movie theme, this uniquely beautiful recording features master violinist, David Davidson, performing classic standards from the silver screen from the lush orchestrations of A Time For Us from Romeo and Juliet and Over The Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz to the intimate violin and piano settings of The Way We Were from The Way We Were and Our Love Affair from An Affair to Remember.


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