A Tribute To Mahalia Jackson

A Tribute To Mahalia Jackson
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Style: Gospel CDs

Label: Spring House

Included Tracks: Christian's Testimony, Lord, Don't Let Me Fall, That's Alright, I Found The Answer, I'm Holding My Savior's Hand, If I Can Help Somebody, Down By The Riverside, If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, Search Me, Lord, Walk With Me, Lord, Precious Lord, Take My Hand

Release Year: 1/27/2004

It is said that Mahalia Jackson was quite possibly the greatest gospel singer ever. Few contemporary gospel singers could do justice to the rich legacy of the Queen of Gospel Music. Lynda Randle not only adds her distinct styling to Mahalia’s signature songs, but breathes new life into timeless classics such as “Take My Hand Precious Lord,” “Down By The Riverside” and “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.”


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