Decade (Best Of Israel Houghton & New Breed From 2002-2012)

Decade (Best Of Israel Houghton & New Breed From 2002-2012)
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Made popular by Israel Houghton

Label: Integrity Music

Included Tracks: Friend Of God, Again I Say Rejoice, Your Are Good, We Have Overcome, Not Forgotten, Who Is Like The Lord, New Season, Alpha And Omega, Take The Limits Off/No Limits, To Worship You I Live, There's A Liftin' Of The Hands, Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher), Jesus At The Center (Decaded Version), Saved By Grace, Just Wanna Say, With Long Life, Nothing Else Matters, Love God Love People, Going To Another Level, I Know Who I Am, Say So, The Power Of One (Change The World), You Hold My World, If Not For Your Grace, Another Breakthrough, Moving Forward (Live)

Release Year: 3/6/2012

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Album CD by Israel Houghton (Integrity Music)


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