Open The Sky

Open The Sky
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Made popular by Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise

Label: SoulStride Records

Included Tracks: Praise You Flow, He's More Than That, Open The Sky, You're Worthy Of My Praise, More Of You, From My Heart, The Power Of Love, I Won't Turn Back, How Great You Are, Speak To The Day, I'll Praise You

Release Year: 9/24/2013

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise, once again delivers a powerful Praise and Worship offering entitled “Open The Sky.” Each song will take you on a worship-filled journey ushering you into the presence of the Lord with enthusiasm and anointing that is more than just superior musical styling, and extraordinary vocal expression; it’s personal. Smooth choir blends, outstanding vertical lyrics, and a fervent desire to worship make this latest project his most powerful yet, as well as a much wanted addition to any Gospel lover’s collection.


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