Between Here & Lost Expanded Edition

Between Here & Lost Expanded Edition
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Style: Hard/Metal CDs

Label: Tooth & Nail Records - ND

Included Tracks: The Abandoning, Whip It, Watching The Bottom Fall, By The Way, Meltdown, My Disaster, 1 W8 4 U (featuring Mattie Montgomery), Fading Away, Paralyzed, Chemicals, Bruises, Empty, The Abandoning (Rauch Remix), Meltdown (Rauch Remix)

Release Year: 10/16/2013

Tooth & Nail Records is re-releasing Love and Death’s “Between Here & Lost,” this time with new distribution and marketing! The album features three previously unreleased bonus tracks and revamped artwork. Love And Death is the rebirth of Head, the solo project of Brian “Head” Welch, former member and co-founder of the multi-platinum selling band Korn. Head left Korn in 2005 and has since focused on his solo career. His first solo album “Save Me From Myself” has sold over 60,000 copies, and he has continued to work hard on the road, including performing at many major summer festivals. Having recently renamed his solo project Love And Death, the band released the singles “Paralyzed” and “Chemicals” in late 2011. “Between Here & Lost” is Love And Death’s debut release on Tooth & Nail Records and their first full-length album under the new name. Fans of Brian “Head” Welch will not be disappointed with this new release.


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