A Little Bit Of Heaven- Vol. 12

A Little Bit Of Heaven- Vol. 12
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Label: Ovation Entertainment

Included Tracks: Are You Washed In The Blood, Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown, When We All Get To Heaven, When I Wake Up To Sleep No More, What A Happy Day, This Little Light Of Mine, Never Shall Forget The Day, At The Cross, Revival's In The Land Today, Old Time Religion, The Old Gospel Ship, We Shall Wear A Crown, Amazing Grace, Real Good Feel Good Song, Ain't Got Time For You Devil, Still Drinking Water From The Well, We'll Understand It Better By And By, Everybody Will Be Happy Over There, I'm Gonna Walk Right Out Of This Valley

Release Year: 1/1/2018

Album CD by Nashville Hymn Singers (Ovation Entertainment)


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