Amazing Grace: John Newton/William Cowper

Amazing Grace: John Newton/William Cowper
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Label: Kingsway Music

Included Tracks: Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken, Amazing Grace, Now May He Who From The Dead, Rejoice Believer In The Lord, Behold The Throne Of Grace, One There Is Above All Others, O For The Closer Walk With God, Sometimes A Light Surprises, Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder, Jesus Where'er Thy People Meet, How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds, Hark My Soul It Is The Lord, God Moves In A Mysterious Way, May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour

Release Year: 3/22/2011

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Perhaps the most popular and best-loved hymn of all time, “Amazing Grace” is a staple for worshippers around the world. Each CD in the Hymn Makers series features classic hymns of a well-known hymn author, and Hymn Makers: Amazing Grace – John Newton and William Cowper just might contain the most well known hymn of all.


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