Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs

Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs
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Label: Stowtown Records

Included Tracks: Shout Hosanna, I Know the Sweet Voice of the Shepherd, Beside the Cross, God of This Moment and God Evermore, Hold Me Up, The Isles of the Deep, Calmy Resting in the Lord, Be Still, Not in My Strength, I Know That Jesus Loves Me, Jesus, In Another Hour of Song, My Soul Shall Trust in Thee, His Love Will Shelter Me, A Crown of Life

Release Year: 3/23/2018

Join top southern gospel artists for this collection of newly discovered compositions from prolific hymnist Fanny Crosby. Includes “Not In My Strength” (The Booth Brothers), “Shout Hosanna!” (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound), “I Know That Jesus Loves Me” (The Collingsworth Family), plus more from The Perrys, Legacy Five Jason Crabb, and others.


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