Live It Up

Live It Up
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Style: Jazz CDs

Label: Reel Loud Records

Included Tracks: One Time Show, The Real Deal, Never Gonna Say, Act The Scat, It Is Well, Can't Get Enough, Acoustic Medley, All Hail the Power of Jesus Name, Glory Forever, Voice of God, Stand Introduction, Stand, Get Down, Solid Rock

Release Year: 7/1/2006

Crank it up and jive to the brash brass and rockin’ rhythms of Christian music’s premier big band! Swing, jazz, pop, R&B, funk—it’s all here in this live performance of “One Time Show,” “The Real Deal,” “It Is Well,” “All Hail the Power,” “Voice of God,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Glory Forever,” “Solid Rock,” “Act the Spat,” and more.


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