The Psalter

The Psalter
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Style: Jazz CDs

Label: Lamp Mode Recordings

Included Tracks: Stapler, Psalm 100, Contrapuntal, Emmaus Darjeeling, Psalm 136a (antiphonal joint), Psalm 136b, Psalm 67, Psalm 138, O the Deep (Interlude), Psalm 91, 91 Outro, Window on the Psalms, Psalm 29, Reprise, Psalm 16, 37 Ostinato, Psalm 37, Christ In the Psalms, 67 Spankdafied

Release Year: 11/17/2009

Jas Knight is living proof that God is extremely generous with gift distribution. An accomplished song writer, singer, vocal arranger and jazz pianist, Jas has done alot of work behind the scenes for Lamp Mode since 2003’s “The Great Awakening” by timothy brindle. He also has production/musician credits on projects by Cross Movement, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and R-Swift. The gifts that have been known for years by close associates will now gain fuller exposure with the Lamp Mode release of “The Psalter”, a genre-defying collection of Psalms set to music. .


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