Top 25 en la Tierra Se Canta Edicion 2012

Top 25 en la Tierra Se Canta Edicion 2012
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Style: Latin/Spanish CDs

Label: Maranatha Music

Included Tracks: Levanta la Mano, Como Águilas, Abre los Cielos, Cristo Te Amo, Siempre, Mas de Tu Gloria, Libre, Venimos Adorarte, Cuando Creo en Ti, Hosana

Release Year: 6/19/2012

Top 25 En La Tierra Se Canta 2012 Edition contains twenty-five of the most popular Christian songs that Latino churches are singing in the USA and Latin America. The double disc is produced by worship leader/songwriter Joshua Chavez. The tracks feature contemporary worship recordings in a congregational style. All songs are sung in Spanish.


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