Dry Bones

Dry Bones
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Style: Messianic CDs

Label: Greg Silverman

Included Tracks: A New Heart, Dry Bones, Holy, Lift Up Your Heads, God in Mercy, Noble Theme, Living Water, Wells of Salvation, Shout for Joy, Voice of the Lord, Save Your People

Release Year: 10/30/2007

You must hear and be blessed by this powerful blend of all original Messianic Jewish and Gospel music by a gifted singer-songwriter and pianist. Dry Bones is Greg Silverman’s first full-length Messianic Jewish release. As Greg uses his powerful voice to sing God’s unaltered Word, you will experience strong sounds of healing, salvation, and great joy. With its amazing combination of musical styles encompassing Traditional Jewish, Gospel, Musical Theater, and even Jazz, this is an album that you will definitely want to hear!


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