Hallelu Et Adonai

Hallelu Et Adonai
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Made popular by Ted Pearce And Beer Sheva

Label: Galilee Of The Nations

Included Tracks: Open The Gates, Hineh Go'Alienu Chai (Behold Our Redeemer Lives), Hallelu Et Adonai (Praise The Lord), All The World, Rose Of Sharon (The Price Of Love), One Thing I Ask, Yeshua, For Zion's Sake, I Will Not Be Silent, No Weapon, Awake!, Walk In The Light, Yisrael (Israel), Glorious, Good News, Mimizrach (From The East), The Time To Favor Zion, Psalm 23, Kulanu K'Echad (All Of Us As One), Aaronic Benediction

Release Year: 3/1/2008

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Hallelu Et Adonai is the Hebrew phrase for “Praise the Lord”. International Messianic recording artist Ted Pearce, brings the listener back to the ancient Hebrew roots of Praise & Worship, with soothing vocals and raw unplugged acoustics.
Ted Pearce is joined on this CD by German worship band Be’er Sheva, from TOS Ministries in Tubingen. “The songs of Be’er Sheva reflect their heart for Israel and their love for Adonai. Their international ministry has taken an unparalleled stand against the rising tide of Anti-Semitism in Europe”, says Yochanan Ben Yehuda, President, Galilee of the Nations Music.
This International blend of worship music in the Hebrew & English languages will encourage you to pray for Israel while taking you to the feet of Yeshua (Jesus), the Holy One of Israel.


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