Son Of David

Son Of David
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Made popular by Galilee Of The Nations

Label: Galilee Of The Nations

Included Tracks: Hear O Israel, Ten La'esh Lipol, Seh HaElohim, Kadosh Atah, Adonai Ahuvi, Ezo Min Agavah Zot?, Eineni Bosh, Ana Adonai, Halo Yadata, Jerusalem, Scarlet, Od Ve'Od, Son Of David, Mimkomcha, HaEretz, Yeshua, Melech HaKavod

Release Year: 5/13/2008

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

CELEBRATING ISRAEL’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY Experience the ‘culture of heaven’ with worship from the believers living in the Land of Israel today. ‘Son Of David’ celebrates Israel’s 60th anniversary as the follow-up to the internationally-acclaimed CD from the ‘Land of Israel’, ‘Adonai’, which celebrated Israel’s Jubilee (50th anniversary) in 1998. There are over 300 Messianic prophecies in the Bible! Read the accompanying booklet and find new depth in your understanding of God’s eternal plan for the future. The album includes 17 new and top Messianic worship songs and 16 artists from the four corners of the Land of Israel.


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