The Best Of Messianic Praise and Worship Volume Two

The Best Of Messianic Praise and Worship Volume Two
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Made popular by Galilee Of The Nations

Label: Galilee Of The Nations

Included Tracks: Good News, Baruch Adonai, For Zion's Sake, Rain Down, One Thing I Ask, No Not I, No Weapon, Mayim Chaim, Your Name, Avinu, Malkeinu, Adonai Ahuvi, Am Echad, From The Rising Of The Sun, Ma Navu, Psalm 23, The Lord's Prayer

Release Year: 9/4/2010

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Galilee of the Nations Music, the world leader
in Messianic Praise & Worship, is celebrating
the great love and mercy of our Messiah,
Yeshua (Jesus), with The Best of Messianic
Praise & Worship, Volume 2.
This CD features international Messianic
recording artists LAMB, Karen Davis and
Ted Pearce, as well as new emerging artists
Jordan Elias, Zemer Levav, Be’er Shevav, Kathy
Shooster, Keren Silve, Les Morrison and Meha
Shamayim. It features ten artists, 17 songs
and over 70 minutes of the Best of Messianic
Praise and Worship.
“We started in the Galilee region of Israel
with the Adonai album in 1998, and it just
culminated with the release of Jordan Elias’
Desert Cry in 2010. It’s been a twelve year
journey, with 32 worldwide releases, to
develop the genre now referred to in the
music industry as Messianic Praise & Worship,”
says Galilee of the Nations Label President &
Founder, Yochanan Ben Yehuda.


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