The Best of Messianic Praise & Worship Volume 3

The Best of Messianic Praise & Worship Volume 3
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Made popular by Galilee Of The Nations

Label: Galilee Of The Nations

Included Tracks: Seh HoElohim, Arise, Sephardim, Battle for Zion, When You Rise Up, The Lord Roars from Zion (Narration), The Lord Roars from Zion, Halo Yadata, Open the Gates, Psalm 91, HaEretz, Master of Life, The Remnant of Israel, Hinei Lo Yanum, Yeshua is the Light, Save Us O Lord, Shalom

Release Year: 3/1/2011

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Celebrate the goodness of the God of Israel and his blessed son Yeshua! Lift your hands, open your heart, and worship the Lord as you sing along


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