The Road To Jerusalem

The Road To Jerusalem
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Made popular by Various Artists

Label: Galilee Of The Nations

Included Tracks: Sh'Ma Yisrael, Esther 4:14, The Road To Jerusalem, Adonai El Shaddai, Wherever You Go (The Vow), Zealous Over God, Baruch Adonai, Every Tribe, Fall On Me, Kadosh, Ana Adonai, Praise Adonai, For Zion's Sake, On Your Walls O Jerusalem, Garment Of Praise, Elohim, Holy Unto You, Jerusalem Of Gold, Jew And Gentile, Coach Bill McCartney & Dr Raleigh Washington

Release Year: 6/7/2005

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

The Road To Jerusalem features the worship from the new event based ministry founded by Coach Bill McCartney (founder of Promise Keepers). Combining the best from Galilee of the Nations with Paul Wilbur & Integrity Music, The Road to Jerusalem reveals God’s heart for Israel to believers everywhere!


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