Praise Gold (I Love You Lord)

Praise Gold (I Love You Lord)
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Style: Praise & Worship CDs

Label: Maranatha Music

Included Tracks: One Thing I Have Desired, You Are My Dwelling Place, We Choose The Fear Of The Lord, He Is Our Peace, Rock Of My Salvation, In Moments Like These, Make Me A Servant, Hide Me In Your Holiness, Psalm 5, I Love You Lord, One Thing I Have Desired (Instrumental), You Are My Dwelling Place (Instrumental), We Choose The Fear Of The Lord (Instrumental), He Is Our Peace (Instrumental), Rock Of My Salvation (Instrumental), In Moments Like These (Instrumental), Make Me A Servant (Instrumental), Hide Me In Your Holiness (Instrumental), Psalm 5 (Instrumental), I Love You Lord (Instrumental)

Release Year: 10/19/2010

The best-selling Praise series has gone Gold … Again! More of the most popular songs from America’s favorite Praise series can be found on this double disc set, Praise Gold (I Love You Lord). Disc one features vocal selections, disc two instrumental ones. The songs have been digitally re-mastered for a superior listening experience. Beautiful packaging is highlighted by attractive gold foil.

The Praise series has inspired thousands of people worldwide with encouragement and hope. Now more of the best songs from this series can be experienced once again, on Praise Gold (I Love You Lord)!


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