Reggae Revolution Mixtape

Reggae Revolution Mixtape
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Label: Lion of Zion Entertainment

Included Tracks: Intro, Righteous Revolution (Jennifer Howland, Monty G & Solomon Jabby), Fear Not (Christafari & Avion Blackman), Family (Geneman) Family Dub, Atonement (Avion Blackman), Why Don't We Love ('Imisi), Make It Right/Rockers (Jennifer Howland), They Cannot Stop Me Now (Positive) You Won't Get Away (Mr. Lynx), The Protesters (Christafari & The Gospel Reggae All-Stars), Righteous Warrior Dub/Brixton Underground Remix (Roge Abergel & Kingdom Culture), Hold The Faith (Monty G), Hypocritical System (Christafari), C'yah Shut Me Up (Sherwin Gardner), I've Got Love (Mr. Lynx), I Will Survive (Positive), Rockin' It/Loud In The City (Jennifer Howland & Geneman) Rooftop (Christafari) A Puro Grito (Christafari & El Soldado), Who Do You Say I Am? (Edward Holland Jr.) Rise Again (Jennifer Howland & Avion Blackman) Deng Deng (Geneman, Christafari & Solomon Jabby), You Say That You Want A Revolution (Monty G), Nah Fear No One (Positive & Sherwin Gardner) Worry No More (Sherwin Gardner), Love & Devotion (Jermaine Howland), Jehovah (Geneman) Seasons (Jennifer Howland) Prodigal Son (Edward Holland Jr.), Make Me & Mold Me (Sherwin Gardner), My Defender (Christafari & Avion Blackman) No Other Man (Jennifer Howland), Got To Be (Avion Blackman), Always & Forevermore ('Imisi), Glory, Honor & Praise (Sherwin Gardner), Make You Smile (Jermaine Edwards), Yeshua (Avion Blackman feat. David Fohe)

Release Year: 8/29/2011

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Album CD by Various Artists (Lion of Zion Entertainment)


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