Word Sound & Power

Word Sound & Power
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Label: Lion of Zion Entertainment

Included Tracks: Blood And Fire, Consuming Fire, Soon Come, Thief In The Night, Love Of My Life, Intentions, Emancipation Proclamation, My Radio, My Stereo, Selassie Say, Why You Ago Look?, Among The Dead, Hallelu-jah, Food For The Hungry, Warrior's Chant, Warriors, Onward Christian Soldiers, Talawa (Lift Him Up And Edify Him Daily), Render Your Heart, Cry No More, For My Father's Sake, Roaring Lion, Word Sound & Power, No Water Can Out This Fire

Release Year: 5/1/1999

Christafari’s mix of reggae with the gospel message has won them thousands of fans. Check out their latest release and you’ll see why! Combining straightforward lyrics with island beat, they proclaim Jesus as Lord in “Consuming Fire,” the title track, and more.


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