Jekyll & Hyde En Espanol

Jekyll & Hyde En Espanol
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Style: Rock Music

Label: Inpop Records

Included Tracks: Jekyll & Hyde, Quien Es Tu Conecte Alla?, Parate, Lo Que Pudo Ser, Un Mundo Perfecto, La Prueba, Te Adoro, Asi Es Nuestra Vida, Moldeame, Pacto De Amor

Release Year: 4/8/2004

Petra returns full force to the Spanish market by bringing the Grammy nominated Jekyll & Hyde to their Latin fans. After years of touring and multiple Spanish releases Petra offers what CCM Magazine called “an exceptional record that should please old and new fans alike.” Produced by Peter Furler, Jekyll & Hyde is filled with Bob Hartman’s signature wall of guitars, the unmistakable voice of John Schlitt and the gospel way up front.


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