Jesus Freak (Remastered)

Jesus Freak (Remastered)
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Style: Rock Music

Label: ForeFront Records

Included Tracks: So Help Me God, Colored People, Jesus Freak, What If I Stumble?, Day By Day, Mrs. Morgan, Between You And Me, Like It, Love It, Need It, Jesus Freak Reprise, In The Light, What Have We Become, Mind's Eye, Alas My Love (Poem)

Release Year: 4/23/2013

In 1995 DC Talk released an album that forever changed Christian music and ushered in the modern age of Christian rock. At the time, “Jesus Freak” made the highest debut for a Christian/Gospel act on Billboard’s album charts and has since been certified double platinum. “Jesus Freak” features the landmark hits, “Jesus Freak,” “Colored People,” “In The Light,” “Between You And Me,” and “What If I Stumble.”

Remastered for superior sound and with the original packaging, “Jesus Freak (Remastered)” makes the original album even better!


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