I’m Free

I'm Free
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Style: Southern Gospel CDs

Label: Gaither Music Group

Included Tracks: I Don’t Know Why, If It Had Not Been, No, Not One (arr.), We Will Glorify, All Is Well, Just A Little Talk With Jesus, Oh, Freedom (arr.), I’m Free, He’s Already Climbed That Mountain, There Is A Fountain (arr.), Who? Jesus, Just Passing Through

Release Year: 3/24/2009

I’m Free brings together the songs audiences around the world most love to hear Lynda Randle sing. Her powerful voice communicates these great songs as no one else can… but her authentic desire to be a woman after God’s heart makes them personal. These are the songs that have helped Lynda in her own journey and they are sure to bring joy, comfort and hope to countless others through her passionate delivery and unique gift for communication.


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