To Have And To Hold

To Have And To Hold
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Style: Wedding CDs

Label: Sparrow Records

Included Tracks: Unrelenting Love (Susan Ashton), Can't Live a Day (Avalon), I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman), My Constant One (Michelle Tumes), 'Til The End Of Time (Steve Green), How Beautiful (Twila Paris), The Love I Know (PFR), All or Nothing (Chris Eaton), The One I've Been Waiting For (Out of Eden), Household of Faith (Steve Green), Song of Reconcilliation (Susan Ashton), Bonded Together (Twila Paris), You Take Me There (Cheri Keaggy), Grace (Wes King), Go There With You (Steven Curtis Chapman)

Release Year: 5/6/1999

What better complement to a Christian wedding than the love songs of Christian artists! Enrich your ceremony or reception with “I Will Be Here” (Steven Curtis Chapman), “Unrelenting Love” (Susan Ashton), “Bonded Together” (Twila Paris), and 12 more gems.


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