25 Inspirational Hymns Volume 1

25 Inspirational Hymns Volume 1 by Worship Service Resources (129304)
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Label: Worship Service Resources

Included Tracks: A New Name in Glory (3 Verses) (Ab), Fill My Cup. Lord (3 Verses) (Ab), Heaven Came Down (3 Verses) (F), Heavenly Sunlight (3 Verses) (F), I Feel like Traveling on (3 Verses) (F), I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (2 Verses) (Bb), I Would Not Be Denied (3 Verses) (C), It Is Truly Wonderful (3 Verses) (C), Jesus Saves (3 Verses) (G), Joy Unspeakable (3 Verses) (Ab), More About Jesus (3 Verses) (G), No, Now One! (3 Verses) (F), Revive Us Again (3 Verses) (F), Ring the Bells of Heaven (3 Verses) (Ab), Send the Light (3 Verses) (G), Sheltered in the Arms of God (2 Verses) (Ab), Soon and Very Soon (4 Verses) (F), Sunlight, Sunlight (3 Verses) (Ee), Stand Up, Stand up for Jesus (3 Verses) (Ab), Take Time to Be Holy (3 Verses) (F), The Haven of Rest (2 Verses) (G), The Love of God (2 Verses) (Dd), This World Is Not My Home (3 Verses) (G), Where Could I Go (3 Verses) (G), Wonderful Grace of Jesus (3 Verses) (C)

Release Year: 2009

Lyrics: Lyrics ARE NOT included with this music

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