Vocal Coach: Complete Blend

Vocal Coach: Complete Blend by Chris and Carole Beatty (126234)
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Made popular by Chris and Carole Beatty

Label: Vocal Coach

Included Tracks: Introduction, Defining Blend, Foundation, Tone, Active Listening, Inflection, Style, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Diction, Vibrato, Stay in Your Range, Final Thought, Example 1- , Example 2- , 4 Part Doo Wah, 4 Part Nu, 4 Part Nee Yah, 2 Part Hum Ye Oh Me, 2 Part Staccato (Rhythmic Unity), 4 Part Tone (Color), Unison Me May Me Mah Me, Etc., Unison (Dynamics), 2 Part Satb (Interplay and Balance), Unison (Imitative | Self Awareness), 2 Part Wah-Nah-Nah, Breathing Bonus Section, Mum, Umu, Mum, He, He, He

Release Year: 2000

Lyrics: Lyrics ARE NOT included with this music

Accompaniment Track by Chris and Carole Beatty (Vocal Coach)



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