Vocal Coach: Complete Breathing

Vocal Coach: Complete Breathing by Chris and Carole Beatty (106860)
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Made popular by Chris and Carole Beatty

Label: Vocal Coach

Included Tracks: Introduction, Posture Part 1, Posture Part 2, Breathing Begins, Breathing Part 2 | Side Expansion, Breathing Part 3 | Back Expansion, Breathing Initial Exercises, Breathing Part 4, Extended Exercise Introduction, Exercise 1 Mum, Excerise 2 Ha Ha, Excerise 3 Mee May Mah, Excerise 4 Mee May Mah Moh Moo, Excerise 5 He He, Excerise 6 Nu Yah, Excerise 7 He Yah, Excerise 8 Mum Mum, Excerise 9 1 and 2...13, Excerise 10 1 and 2...17, Excerise 11 1 and 2...25, Excerise 12 Mee May Mee Mah Mee Moh M, Closing, Kids Vocal Rap

Release Year: 2000

Lyrics: Lyrics ARE NOT included with this music

Accompaniment Track by Chris and Carole Beatty (Vocal Coach)



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