Vocal Coach: Complete Vocal Warm Up

Vocal Coach: Complete Vocal Warm Up by Chris and Carole Beatty (106861)
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Made popular by Chris and Carole Beatty

Label: Vocal Coach

Included Tracks: Introduction, Stretching, Warm-Up Principles - Hum-Chew, Warm-Up Principles - Moving Head, Warm-Up Principles - Proper Preparati, Warm-Up Principles - Buzzing Face, Warm-Up Principles - the Runner-Athle, Warm-Up Principles - Diction, Warm-Up Principles - Diction and Brea, Exercise - Nah, Exercise - Bee-Ah_Mee-Ah_Zee-Ah_Nee-A, Exercise - Bee-Ah_Mee-Ah_Zee-Ah_Nee-A, The 'Bubble' - Lip Trill, The Hum, Exercise - Hum-Hoo-Ha, Exercise - Hum-Hoo-Ha, Exercise - Ah, Exercise - Bah Bah, Exercise - Bee-Yah, Exercise - Min-Ee-Ah, Exercise - Ha, Exercise - Chromatics - Hm_Mee_Hoo_Ya, Exercise - Ha-Ha, Exercise - Ha-Ha, Cooling Down, Closing

Release Year: 2000

Lyrics: Lyrics ARE NOT included with this music

Accompaniment Track by Chris and Carole Beatty (Vocal Coach)



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