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Vocal Coach: Ultimate Choir Warm Ups 2

Vocal Coach: Ultimate Choir Warm Ups 2 by Chris and Carole Beatty (106636)
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Made popular by Chris and Carole Beatty

Label: Vocal Coach

Included Tracks: Preperation for Effective Warm-Ups, Imitation, Ear Training, Rhythm, Blend, Ear Training, Diction, Phrasing, Double and Triple Rhythm, Rhythm, Staccato, Breathing, Ear Training, Tuning, Diction, Phrasing, Breathing, Rhythm, Parts, Tuning, Easy Warm-Up, Imitation, Ear Training, Blend, Phrasing, Agility, Breathe Control, Blend, Agility, Blend, Tuning, Phrasing, Breathing, Full Range, Rhythm, Style, Ear Training, Parts, Ear Training, Imitation, Ear Training, Rhythm (Syncopation), Style, Rhythm (Syncopation), Style, Diction, Rhythm, Parts, Blend, Ear Training, Everything

Release Year: 1995

Lyrics: Lyrics ARE NOT included with this music

Accompaniment Track by Chris and Carole Beatty (Vocal Coach)



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