Praise & Worship For Small Groups, Vol. 4 (Split Tracks)

Praise & Worship For Small Groups, Vol. 4 (Split Tracks)
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Made popular by Oasis Worship

Label: Classic Fox Records

Included Tracks: We Bring The Sacrifice of Praise, This Is the Day, Thanks Be to God, Where the River is Flowing, I Saw the Lord, Thank You Lord, Shouts of Joy, Glory, Glory Lord, Exalt the Lord Our God, You Are My All in All, Flow Like a River, His Banner Over Me, Wonderful Are Your Works, Show Your Power, Light The Fire, Love the Lord, He Is Good, Hallowed Be Your Name, I Will Magnify, Jesus Christ is Lord, The Lord is Come, I Will Bless the Lord, We Will Dance, Let There Be Glory and Honor, All Over the World

Release Year: 2019

Lyrics: Lyrics are NOT included with this music

Accompaniment Track by Oasis Worship (Classic Fox Records)


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