Lifetime Access Upgrades

Who Qualifies?

All customers who have previously purchased a download with Christwill Music, even if it was a decade ago!

When Does this Offer Expire?

This offer remains available forever. However, you can use it only once per previous download purchase.

How Much Does it Cost?

No need to repurchase what you already own. Just $1.99 gives you access and archive storage for life.

How Do I Get My Lifetime Access Upgrade?

It's easy to unlock your entire library for lifetime access. Log in to your account and go to My Account / Lifetime Access Upgrades and add each one to your shopping cart.

Whether you have a single purchase or an entire library with us, never worry again about your losing your purchase.


Peace of Mind

The launch of our new website allows us to permanently archive your music.

Restore access to all your previous download purchases with a Lifetime Access Upgrade and have peace of mind about the safety of your Accompaniment Track Library.